You must be the change you want to see - Gandhi

You must be the change you want to see – NO EXCUSES! - Madi

The Book

Do you know Madi Sharma? Or know of her?  Have you heard about the phenomena known as the ‘Madi Effect’?  Have you received a ‘Commitment Bead’? When I asked around, different people gave me differing definitions of their understanding of the ‘Madi Effect’. Someone called Madi a ‘human magnet’, others said, ‘A tsunami of energy’, or ‘I carry her bead with me everywhere’, or ‘I have heard her speeches three times and I can’t wait till she speaks here again’.

I call her a wake-up call that every individual should receive at least once in their lives which is why I asked Madi if we could write a book together to empower human capital globally. And I never thought she would insist my name went on the front cover!


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The author

Madi is an Entrepreneur who founded and runs the Madi Group, a group of private profit making companies, social enterprises and not for profit organisations. The philosophy is to create innovative ideas tailored to local action which can achieve global impacts beneficial to economically, socially, culturally and environmentally sustainable societies. Madi is a “Social Capitalist”.

Madi’s story is one of ‘Victim to Change maker’ as her personal journey has taken her through the University of Life where she experienced domestic violence, sole parental responsibility and Entrepreneurship. She established her first company from her kitchen at home, which grew to 2 factories and 35 staff. She has received the honours of Asian Woman of Achievement and UK’s Best Boss.

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Sneak preview

I would not change my life with anyone else on this planet.
We all have a reserve of energy, will power and commitment, but sometimes we need to find the source of what triggers it into action.
MNE is a book about being ‘Focused’ and no matter what happens, it is about putting on the ‘Face’ that says you know what you are doing because you have an ‘Absolute Commitment’ in life.
It is not money that is the true capital in the world – It is the ideas from our brains – It is the Human Capital that we must maximize by turning ideas in to action and valuing people!
We all know there is no “I” in Team, and the “I” in MADI means: ‘I’ take responsibility for everything.
Today my point of differentiation is ME – I have understood that I am not like anyone else on the planet. I am unique. And that is the way I wish to stay!  

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Team MNE

Shariqa Habib

Co-author of Madi No Excuses

Shariqa Habib is the co-author/intern of Madi No Excuses! She has been a part of the Global Changemakers network since 2009 through which she founded "See the World Through Our Eyes" in Malaysia, a project for Burmese refugee children living in Kuala Lumpur. She was also the co-founder of World Bank Institute community action project (WBICAP) – "Corruption is Not an Option" which created a virtual platform for the youth of Bangladesh to address corruption. As part of her master's program, she is conducting a research internship with International Labour Organization (ILO) Bangkok, she will graduate in June, 2017.

Heena Karwal

Head of Operations at MADI Group

Heena was Madi Group’s first employee! She created the Madi Group by supporting Madi to build new companies and support more women. Heena has established her own companies MRS Business and OPC under Madi Group support. Madi No Excuses is a book Heena has been insisting Madi writes for the last 5 years because she wants to share Madi with India!

Julia Micevska

Head of Commerce and Execution

Julia is Head of Commerce and Execution at Madi Group. For Julia working on the book is a new and refreshing experience. She continuously supports Madi and believes that Madi No Excuses offers practical advice that is immediately actionable – advice that may sound so simple that you wonder why you did not think of it yourself. That’s the magic of Madi no Excuses. Readers who read this book will find themselves experiencing many 'aha' moments.”

Monika Rizovska

Artist and illustrator

Monika is Madi No excuses artist and illustrator who is committed to adding something authentic and positive to the world of art. She is always developing and challenging herself artistically. Monika's work has been classified as energetic, warm, colourful and very diverse. These traits are a strong reflection of her personality. Her vibrant compositions, most produced directly on canvas, are drawn from her urban surroundings, a plethora of music and art as well personal experiences.

Julijana Prchkovska

Brand communicator

Julijana is a brand communicator at Madi Group and technology translator! For Julijana working with Madi is a great challenge as she sees potential in all those Madi Group work with and Julijana's role has been to promote what Madi Group is doing and very often be the Foundation for Madi when it comes to technology support.

Sangeetha Shinde


With over 20 years in the field of communications, Sangeetha Shinde has set up and run three magazines, from scratch. She was Chief Copy Editor with the TImesGroup and has written for Femina, The Economic Times, Savvy and Reader's Digest. Publishing and editing are a passion with her and she has put her resources behind editing and fine-tuning MADI NO EXCUSES because she passionately believes in the story Madi Sharma has to tell

Vasil Stojchev

Printer and designer

Vasil agreed to be the printer and designer of the first edition of Madi No Excuses! because he attended one of Madi’s workshops in Skopje, where he said her speech had changed his life. Vasil has dedicated his experience and passion into making the book and its cover represent everything included in the book. Vasil is an Entrepreneur, who successfully run offset print house Pro Dizajn in Skopje, Macedonia.

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